Find the Real Number of Email Messages in Your Gmail Account

Gmail doesn't display a true message count by default, because Gmail uses the conversation view. Turn the conversation view off to see the real number of individual messages in your Gmail account. » 8/08/14 4:00pm 8/08/14 4:00pm

FastRawViewer Displays RAW Photo Files and EXIF Data Quickly

Windows/Mac: RAW photo files are much larger than JPEG files and can be slow to load. FastRawViewer opens RAW files quickly so you can view the image and EXIF data right away. » 8/08/14 3:00pm 8/08/14 3:00pm

Bring Back the Shutdown Dialog When You Press the Mac Power Button

Pressing the Mac power button in OS X Mavericks puts your Mac to sleep. A simple Terminal command can change it to display the shutdown dialog instead. » 8/08/14 2:30pm 8/08/14 2:30pm

This Cheat Sheet Shows You The Right Soaking Times for Dried Beans

Cooking with dried beans instead of canned beans has its advantages. Find the right soaking times for a variety of beans with this handy little cheat sheet by WonderHowTo. » 8/04/14 4:00pm 8/04/14 4:00pm

CyberGhost VPN for Mac Lets You Browse the Web Safely and Anonymously

Mac: CyberGhost VPN, one of the five best VPN providers as voted by Lifehacker readers, finally has an OS X client. Mac users can now use the free VPN service to browse the Internet securely and anonymously. » 8/04/14 3:00pm 8/04/14 3:00pm

Turn Your Laptop Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot By Adding a Second Wireless Card

Sharing your laptop's Internet connection isn't hard, but you need two network cards to do it. If your laptop only has a single wireless card, add a second wireless adapter to turn your laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot. » 8/04/14 2:30pm 8/04/14 2:30pm

Downcount for Android Tracks Daily Countdowns to Important Events

Android: Regular timer apps typically count down in hours, minutes, and seconds. Downcount keeps track of important events by displaying them in a daily countdown. » 5/30/14 10:30am 5/30/14 10:30am

Reduce Eye Strain at Your Desk with a Humidifier

A lot of things can cause eye strain at the computer, but dryness is a big factor. Maintain a good humidity level to avoid exacerbating your eye strain. » 5/30/14 9:30am 5/30/14 9:30am

Disable Animations on Android to Improve Performance

Animations look nice when navigating your phone or tablet, but they can cause delays and even slow down lower-powered devices. Disabling them can improve your Android device's performance. » 5/30/14 9:00am 5/30/14 9:00am

Remove Filters from Photos in iOS 7

Filters are a lot of fun to play with, but at the end of the day, nothing quite beats a clean, filterless photo. If you've already applied a filter in iOS 7's Photos app, you might not realize that you can restore it back to its original shot in just a few steps. » 5/29/14 12:00pm 5/29/14 12:00pm

Defrost Your Freezer by Coating it with Cooking Oil

When ice builds up in your freezer, defrosting it is a tedious and time-consuming job. Coat the freezer walls with cooking oil before it frosts over to make it easier to clean up. » 5/29/14 9:30am 5/29/14 9:30am

VirusTotal Uploader for OS X Scan Files for Malware from Your Desktop

Mac: VirusTotal, the awesome malware checker that scans files using over 50 different antivirus programs, is finally available on the Mac—so you can check suspicious files against tons of databases. » 5/29/14 9:00am 5/29/14 9:00am

G.lux Adjusts the Color Temperature of Chrome to Reduce Eye Strain

Chrome OS: You're probably familiar with F.lux, the popular eye-saving utility that we've discussed a lot here at Lifehacker. G.lux, is a Chrome extension that brings some of the same F.lux features to Chrome. » 5/23/14 10:00am 5/23/14 10:00am

Clean Stove Hood Filters in the Dishwasher Weekly to Keep Vents Clear

A dirty stove hood filter can attract pests and decrease indoor air quality. A weekly cleaning in a dishwasher will help keep it clean so it doesn't block the vent and keep the fan from doing its job. » 5/23/14 9:30am 5/23/14 9:30am

How to Easily Turn a Normal List Into a Checklist in Evernote

Windows/Mac: You can create checklists in Evernote, but manually entering a checkbox for every item is a chore. Here's how you can quickly turn a normal list into a checklist. » 5/23/14 9:00am 5/23/14 9:00am

Gratuity for iOS Is a Clean, Simple Tip Calculator With Bill Splitting

iOS: Figuring out how much to tip can sometimes get confusing, especially when you need to split the bill with more than one other person. Gratuity for iOS is a good-looking app that calculates the tip amount for you and even splits the bill. » 5/22/14 9:30am 5/22/14 9:30am

Use the ATM at a Bank or Grocery Store to Avoid Scams

ATM scammers use tiny cameras and skimmers to trick you into revealing your PIN number. You can avoid them by using ATMs inside the banks and asking for cash back when you use your debit card inside a store. » 5/22/14 9:00am 5/22/14 9:00am

Postmates Delivers From Local Restaurants or Stores in Under an Hour

Android/iOS (Select Cities): Don't have time to run out of the office to grab a bite to eat? Or just feeling lazy, but need that carton of milk from the grocery store? Postmates will take your order and deliver it to you in under an hour. » 5/16/14 10:30am 5/16/14 10:30am